"Our mission is to build mutually beneficial relationships with land owners and to ensure the best for New Zealand's energy requirements."

About Us

Clearwater Hydro was established in early 2007 to develop small scale, low impact, hydro generation schemes across New Zealand.

Our aim is to build schemes with a capacity between 500 – 5000 kilowatts (kW) of electricity.

Our schemes are low impact and environmentally friendly. We avoid building dams by building low flowover weirs. Pipelines (penstocks) are buried where ever possible to minimise their impact. Typically our weirs are only 2 – 3 metres in height and the powerhouse is no larger than a farm building.

Based in Tauranga, Clearwater Hydro currently employs 2 staff. Clearwater Hydro is a subsidiary of The Lines Company, the power network owner in the Central North Island.



To date we have constructed:

  • Mangapehi Hydro – 1800kW
  • Matawai Hydro - 2000kW
  • Speedys Rd Hydro - 2000kW



Clearwater Hydro encourages participation in schemes by Landowners and is keen that Landowners contact us if they consider they have a potential for a scheme on their property. Participation by landowners can be simply receiving an annual % of the earnings of a scheme or if they wish in additional they can purchase a % ownership of the scheme.

The company represents the concept of 'Distributed Generation', whereby electricity is generated from numerous smaller sites. This approach has several advantages as environmental effects are minimised and the electricity generated is fed into the local power network which benefits the local community and minimises transmission losses. When combined with landowner participation in schemes, including equity, it is no wonder that rural landowners are very keen to contact us.