Pipeline route traversing across farmland
Nested penstock pipe delivered to Tauranga wharf
Narrow pipeline corridor
Steel 1.2m diameter pipe
Pipeline being laid under stream bed
Welding joints during pipeline installation
Installation of penstock pipe
Penstock pipeline ready for covering
Powerhouse foundations
Installation of turbines and generators
Construting the Power House around the Turbine/Generator sets
Completed Steel Shed Powerhouse
Powerhouse internal piping
Powerhouse showing turbine housings (blue) and generators (yellow)
Fish pass during construction
Rock protected river crossings
Tail race discharge from the 2 turbines
Flow over weir showing surplus water flowing down stream
High flows over weir
Low flows of weir showing residual flow
Local school and community site vist information day. Clearwater Hydro sponsored Hi-Viz donated to Matawai School